Hello there,

I'm a designer in San Francisco
and (metaphorical) bridge-builder extraordinaire.

Here to better the world, bit by bit.

At Nuna, I lead User Experience for self-insured employer healthcare markets. Previously, I shipped two interfaces for Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services and the users at the state level, who use Nuna as the medical claims warehouse for 74 million lives.

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Unafraid of complexity and ambiguity.

Prior to tackling complexity in healthcare, I worked at Addepar to build more intuitive and transparent tools for financial advisors through more flexible analysis and reporting.

I built upon and was the steward for the living styleguide to scale design infrastructure there. I also led design and implementation of the support portal and a usability-centered redesign.

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Prior to working at startups, I took a year off from college to start an educational company. We wanted to improve students’ engagement in their own learning.

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